No. 1-careers on the weekly ATP Rankings

The graph below shows the age at first & at last No. 1 position, for all weekly No. 1 players since Connors 1. Data on first and last No. 1 rankings can be found in our topic on the weekly ATP Rankings. The oldest players who held the No. 1 spot were Agassi, Federer and Connors. These 3 players inevitably realised the longest No. 1 career, five other players reached their last No. 1 spot more than 4 years after their first. Only 10 players were able to reconquer the No. 1 spot more than two years after their first No. 1 ranking:

Wilander is the only player from our initial Top 10 with less than two years between his first and his last No. 1 position.

Age at first and at last number1 position


This graph gives an indication of each player's longevity. But how much of the time in between were these players actually No. 1? Connors has the longest No. 1 career, yet he ends up only 4th as to the total No. 1 weeks, as we discovered in our Top 10 of weekly No. 1 players. Agassi's No. 1 career span is only a few months shorter than Federer's or Connors' but he didn't even collect half as much as their total No. 1 weeks.

If we consider each calendar year in between their first & last No. 1, only Sampras and Lendl reached No. 1 at least 1 week in every year in between. Except for McEnroe, all other players with a No. 1 career longer than 4 years, suffered at least 1 year without one weekly No. 1 rank:



Since the largest part of Nastase's career lies before the introduction of the ATP Rankings, we don't take his results in consideration, not on this page, nor anywhere on this site. We're sorry for all Nastase fans, but our main focus lies on the post 1974-icons.

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