Chronologic year-end ATP Rankings : How the greatest battled

The chronologic graph below shows the evolution of the year-end ATP Rankings for our list of 10 greatest tennis players since 1973, the year the ATP introduced its rankings system. Since the new ranking system wasn't introduced before August 1973, the first complete year with ATP Rankings would be 1974.

We already developed a page with the Top 10 for the year-end ATP Rankings since 1973, so below we'll focus on:

Two of these lesser gods were the year-end No. 1 twice, thus performing better than two of our 10 greatest players. However, when looking closer these players seem to have been lucky to fall in between the primes of two generations of the real greatest (more details below).


Year-end ATP Top 10 from 1973 until 2011 for our 9 greatest players


Kings and challengers

The graph above shines a light on the changing of the guards :

We'll try and publish asap detailled graphs for each rivalry, showing the other important challengers for each king.


The six lesser gods

From 1973 to 2014, only 8 years had a year-end No. 1 player that didn't make it to our Top 10 of greatest ATP players. Six players collected these 10 No. 1 spots on the year-end ATP Rankings :

Hewitt and Edberg performed better on this front than Wilander or Agassi. However, their reigns seem to be established only in between the primes of the very greatest players:

Arguably, Agassi and Wilander collected less year-end No. 1 positions mainly because they shared their prime with 2 of the greatest ever, Sampras and Lendl:




A massive thanx to my good friend PJ for delivering the stats on the year-end ATP Rankings!



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