Greatest ATP tennis players

After analysing Grand Slam titles, ATP Rankings, Master Cup finals, yearly wins & losses, etc, we proudly suggest our list of the 10 greatest ATP players since 1974, in casu & in random order :

With 8 career Grand Slam titles, Djokovic ties Connors and Lendl. On the year-end rankings front, Djokovic ties Nadal whille closing in on McEnroe and Lendl. At the ATP Masters Cups, Djokovic holds the 4th spot behind only Federer, Sampras an Lendl. On the all time hall of fame of ATP weekly No. 1 rankings, the Serb already holds the 7th spot, while steadily closing in on Nadal's sixth spot.

We're not going to rank our 10 players in a Top 10, because greatness is hard to quantify. Instead, we prefer to define 3 levels :

  1. Sampras, Federer
  2. Borg, Nadal
  3. Lendl, Wilander, Connors, McEnroe, Agassi, Djokovic

We will try to justify and finetune this list while constantly updating each criterion we applied. Details on these criteria can be found through the menu on the left. Since this is a pure hobby-site, don't always expect the quickest updates.


Why 1974 ?

Since we're looking for the Top ATP players, we start our investigations in 1974, the first full year with ATP-points based rankings. The ATP was founded in 1972 and in August 1973 introduced a global uniform rankings system, categorising all tournaments based on the ATP points for the winner. 1974 also is the year 2 of the first worldfamous icons of tennis (Borg & Connors) won their first Grand Slam title.

Initially, we considered analysing the early years of the Open Era, which started in 1968. However, the many separate circuits make it hard to correctly compare players. For more details on the Open Era and the ATP : check our short history of tennis.

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