Sampras : age-based ATP Rankings

The 4 age-based graphs below show the evolution of Sampras' weekly ATP Rankings (at the left of the graphs) vs his age (bottom of the graph). Our main focus lies on his climb to No. 1, with nevertheless an overview of his complete Top 10 rankings. The age indicated on the graphs refers to the first weekly ATP Rankings published after each birthday (12th of August). Before we look at the graphs, a short overview of his ATP Rankings per age:


Age 16,5 17 18 19 20 21 22-23 24 25-26 27 28 29 30
Rank 893 208 94 12 8 3 1 2 1 2 1 4 11
Highest rank 1st rank 208 85 12 5 3              


Career ATP Rankings

Below, we see Sampras make his biggest jump between 16 and 17: right after his ATP Rankings entry at 16,5 years, he jumps from No.893 to No.301 in 1 week. He reaches Top 100 about half a year later, without suffering any major declines. Sampras then seems to stagnate and suffers some serious declines before he refinds his pace and reaches Top 20 regions. A 2nd major status qUS Open follows, before he makes it to Top 10. At first, he suffers another status quo, but once he makes it to No.4, he refinds a more rapid pace.

For details on these higher regions, check the graphs further below.


Sampras career rankings age-based evolution


Climb to ATP Top 100

Sampras realises the climb to Top 100 in 9 months. The largest part of this climb is made between his 16th & 17th birthday:


Sampras climb to Top 100 age-based evolution


Top 100 to No. 1 rankings

On the graph below, we see Sampras enter Top 100 shortly after his 17th birthday. Until he's 18 though, he doesn't really progress and suffers 2 short Top 100 exits before he gets relaunched to the middle regions (from No. 105 to No.57 in just 1 month). Only half a year later, he reaches Top 20 after a stunning climb from No.94 to No. 17 in less than 20 weeks. At his 19th, he's very near Top 10.

Less than 2 years after his ATP Top 100 entry, Sampras reaches Top 10 (No.6), shortly after he turned 19. Soon, he climbs to No.5 before dropping back a few places -to No.9 eventually. He returns to No.6 shortly after his 20th birthday and reaches No.3 half a year later. Another half year later, he progresses to No.2 for the 1st time to reach No. 1 at 21,5 years, another 6 months later.

A final graph on Sampras' Top 10 rankings further below.

Sampras: Top 100 to n1 age-based evolution


Top 10 rankings

The last 10 hurdles to No. 1 take Sampras 2,5 years (140weeks). For 9 years in a row, Sampras would hold the No. 1 position at least one week, realising 2 impressive No. 1 reigns that lasted 82 and 102 weeks. He returned to the No. 1 position 10 times, the last time after being down to No.7.

Sampras' Top 3 rankings seem consistent too: between his 20th and his 30th, Sampras was outside Top 3 for only 60 weeks. His Top 5 rankings are even slightly more impressive, but only his ATP Top 10 rankings (565 weeks' streak, 585 total weeks) might remain a challenge for Federer. Will compare to other players' series soon...

Federer Top 10 rankings age-based evolution



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